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Service Guide

  • Developer needs to add mandatory daily logs of the work done, Daily Time Log (to by completed daily) (only editable until Saturday 10.00 PM IST of current week) and Project manager will make sure it is aligned with the work flow. Client can download the daily report and can raise a dispute if any.
  • Daily stand-up meetings to discuss the work done in the previous day and the current day’s tasks.
  • At the end of the week developer needs to fill Weekly Status Report (Only Editable until Saturday 10.00 PM IST of current week) or if disputed by client.
  • Weekly Review of the work done and planning for next week will also be done through by project manager, he/she will make sure the same will be scheduled on zoom, Skype or google meet.
  • Remotelyfi has messaging option and all the project related communication between buyer, developer and project manager will be done through Remotelyfi messaging only.