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How to Select Developers

As a buyer, you can Sign-up by using your Linkedin, Twitter, or Google account. After signing-up, you can search for offers from Remote Developers. You can Post a Remote Job with brief details about your needs, such as reference documents, similar project details, images, or any other materials you have.

Add your technology preferences, the skill sets you need, and the expected hourly rates. All of this information will help you identify suitable remote developers for your requirements. Remote Developers can apply  on your job, and then you can select the Remote Developers by checking their skills and detailed portfolios that match your requirements. As a buyer, you can visit the developer profile and do the analysis before selecting the suitable Developer for your Job.

How to Apply for a Project

As a Remote Developer you can go to apply  for job, filter for category, price range, and location, and you will have a list of projects to bid, describe your proposal with a price and submit your application  for the job. You will be notified once you are awarded the job. You can check the status from my remote jobs menu.

How & Why to Create Offers

As a developer, if you want to stand out from other Remote developers, you can add an offer and describe the details about it. You can mention your offer’s hourly rate, duration, and other details that can be helpful to buyers in deciding whether to choose you for their projects. Simply navigate to the Add an Offer" section from the main menu. This is sort of a trial period you are offering to clients at a discounted rate; it could range from 2 weeks to 8 weeks.

Project Kickoff and Developer On Boarding

Once the Job is awarded to a Remote developer a Project Success Manager will be assigned to the Job, and a project kick-off call will be scheduled with all the stack holders to discuss project tasks and sprint planning. The developer, Project Success Manager, and client will be introduced to each other, and onboarding will be done. The Project Success Manager will ensure proper industry standard onboarding and sharing of details with all the stake holders.

How to add & manage Daily logs and Weekly Status Reports

To add daily logs, simply go to the "My Ongoing Job tab from the menu. You will see a list of your ongoing Job. Click on the Daily Logs of a specific ongoing job to add a daily log for that job.

The developer must add daily logs of the work done, which will be editable until Saturday 10.00 PM US Pacific Time  of the current week only, and Project Success Manager will make sure it is aligned with the task/tickets in assigned sprints. The client can download the daily report and raise a dispute within 24 hours, if any.

The weekly status can also be found in the My Ongoing Job tab. At the end of the week, the developer must fill out the Weekly Status Report which is editable only until Saturday 10.00 PM US Pacific Time  of the current week or in the case of a dispute by the client with 24 hours of submission post that it will automatically get approved.

As a buyer (Client), you can review the daily and weekly status of current projects by going to the My Ongoing Job tab. You can review daily logs and Weekly reports and approve them from the weekly or daily log status, or raise a dispute if any within 24 hours.

If no disputes are raised, the weekly report and daily logs will be automatically approved.

Developers can edit logs until Saturday 10.00 PM US Pacific Time or logs are disputed by the client.

How to Raise a Dispute

To raise a dispute, the client can go to "My Ongoing Project", and select the project for which they want to raise a dispute, click on Daily Logs or Weekly Status, and select the one for which you want to raise a dispute. You can also raise a dispute by going to Track Job" or by sending a message to the Project Success Manager. All dispute messages will be sent to the Project Success Manager, who will be able to review. The Project Success Manager will then communicate with the client and developer to resolve the dispute. In the message window, you can find the disputed project messages.

How to Send a Message
To send a message, you can simply go to the Ongoing Job tab from the menu, select the project, and then click the message button to send a message to the developer. The developer can send the message to the client and to the Project Success Manager. Client and developer both can send messages to each other by simply going to the project details and then clicking the Track Job link, where you can find an option to directly chat with Developer, Client, and Project Success Manager.

Message Window - Disputed Daily Log or Weekly Log Details—can be found at the top automatically for relevant message strings, and Remotelyfis Project Success Manager will be automatically added to this message & once resolved it will be closed.