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How it works

Key to Success

Remote development can accelerate businesses by proper implementation of effective strategies and a planned Workforce. @ Remotelyfi we make sure all the processes will be followed.

Step 1 - Post Remote Developer Job 
Describe the desired Job role & then receive Applications  from the best remote developers.
Give brief description about your Job i.e reference documents, similar project details, images, or any other materials you have. Add technology preference, Skill sets you need, and expected hourly rates & duration. 

Step 2 - Selecting Remotelyfi Developer 
Once you start receiving applicationss on your posted job, you can select the Remote Developers by checking their skills and detailed portfolio that matches your requirement, as a buyer you can visit the developer profile and can do the analysis before selecting the suitable Developer for your project.

Step 3 - Assigning PSM and Project Kick-off
Once the project is awarded to the Remote developer a Remotelyfi Project Success Manager will be assigned to the project, and a project kick-off call will be scheduled between all the stack holders to get started. 

Daily work logs & Standups
The developer will  add Daily logs of the work done, a Daily Time Log (to be completed daily) (only editable until Saturday 10.00 PM US Pacific Time  of the current week), and the Project success manager will coordinate with developer and make sure it is aligned with the task/tickets assigned in weekly/biweekly sprints. A client can download the daily report and can raise a dispute if any.
Daily stand-up meetings to discuss the work done on the previous day and the current day’s tasks and to address blockers if any. This would be around a 10-15 minutes group call.
At the end of the week, a developer needs to fill the Weekly Status Report (Only Editable until Saturday 10.00 PM US Pacific Time of the current week) or if disputed by the client.
Dispute Resolution Process
Project Success Manager will keep a track of all the work for the buyer and developer, Project Success Manager can also approve and disapprove the daily logs and weekly status reports.
All the dispute messages will be sent to Project Success Manager and he/she will review it , Project Success Manager will discuss  with the client and developer to resolve the dispute.